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a playlist of songs about growing up and discovering yourself.

ailee- i will show you, song jieun- 25, snsd- girls generation, glam- in front of the mirror, lim kim- goodbye 20, boa- atlantis princess,  aoa- get out, gain- bloom, iu- graduation day, glam- party xxo, fat cat- is being pretty everything?, f(x)- paper heart, kara- girls be ambitious!, snsd- into the new world.


[MAGAZINE] KARA Hara – Oh Boy! Korea Magazine Vol.51 1025x1400

get to know me meme: kpop edition
     ↳ [4/5] favorite female groups: 9MUSES

tohoshinki episode vii—leader strikes back (x)


Remember that time when jaejoong went inside the store because he wanted to eat ice cream but then remembered how many carbs there are so he just ate snow outside instead

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Jaesu plz ♡

24. Mundane/Domestic!AU

junsu has tried to move out, like, five times already. the sixth time is not the charm.

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061119: you’re my miracle

Jaejoongie eating chicken

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